Make your Pendrive bootable in easiest way

To make pendrive bootable, I have try lot but accurate result did not come really. Finally I have found a little software that satisfy me. Today I shall share it with you. The size of this software is only 716 KB. Using this tiny software, you can setup your computer's operating system (Windows 7/8) easily by pendrive.

1) Above mentioned Software
2) Pendrive (8 GB)
3) Desktop or Laptop

1) Download software from HERE
2) Unzip the file
3) Run the file. Now you can see like picture below

4) Insert your pendrive to PC and select it by clicking "Plug in USB Flash/Hard Disk"
5) Format your pendrive (Tick "Quick Format" and click "Do It")

6) Select your source file (ISO/DVD/Source File) by clicking "Drop Source or Click"
(To create ISO Image from Bootable DVD, first download a 23.31 KB software FROM HERE)

7) Now click "Do It". Boot will start and you can see like below picture.
8) Done!! After finish the job you can see a thank you message.
9) Before setup it to any PC, select Pendrive priority first in boot menu.
(To avoid unnecessary problem, remove pendrive during 1st restart)

***If you have any query, please comment below***


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Nice Post, Helpful.
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