Amibroker 5.5 crack (Free download)

Amibroker released it's new version 5.5. In this new version, Amiboker added some new features like more analytical tools, easy user interface etc. But Amibroker is not a free software! It is true that, genuine AmiBroker is little expensive. However, to get Amibroker 5.5 (crack version) as free,

How to rapidly increase your Followers, Likers on any fan page?

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AlertPay Now in Bangladesh

It's a very hot news for Bangladeshi freelancer that international money service provider AlertPay now authorized in Bangladesh. For more info see the paper cutting. If you have no Alertpay account, just CLICK HERE for free sign up.

Send free SMS to worldwide by your gmail (Part-3)

Today I will share how to send free SMS by using your gmail. It's very easy and simple to send free SMS to any where in the world (on selective mobile carrier, Example: in Bangladesh only supports Citycell).

Ok, lets start....First Sign in to your existing account (If you have no gmail account just Sign up from here, its free and simple). After signing in, you will see the page like following:
Put a existing name or mobile number with country code of your friend in the chat and sms section (If not existing, please first save it), you will see the desired person with his/her mobile number (If not added before, you can add it as like phone book save) and click "send sms". Now you can see a window in the right-lower corner just like the below picture:
Now you can send free sms. Remember, every 24 hours you will able only 50 credits (01 credits=01 sms) but when some one will reply your sms, you will get 5 credits. For details, please visit here.


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