How to connect laptop and cell phone with Bluetooth technology?

We can use Bluetooth tools to attach your computer, laptop and mobile phone. We can transfer videos, photos, cinemas, etc. from the desktop or laptop computer to mobile phones.

If your laptop does not support Bluetooth tools, we can use Bluetooth dongle USB. Just plug it into the USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. Let the rest of Microsoft Windows. And you will find and install the driver itself. If not supported, we can install manually by using the manufacturers CD. Follow these simple steps to use Bluetooth technology to connect a laptop computer and cell phone: (in this example, we use Windows Vista)

1. Switch on the Bluetooth characteristic on your Mobile phone.

2.  Create this setting:  my Phone’s visibility -> Shown to all on the mobile phone.

3. Click Bluetooth Devices icon and Switch on it.


See in the Device Manager for the Bluetooth driver and you must double-click here.

Now you Hit it off on the Add button in Bluetooth Devices dialog box which is shown.

Ensure the box for “My devices is set up and ready to be found” in the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard dialog box.

Hit it off on the Next button.

This wizard will show device name found Bluetooth device closes.

Hit it off on the device given name that you would like to add and click on Next button.

choose “Let me choose my own key” or “Choose a passkey for me” and Now click on Nextbutton.

Than password will be shown. Key in the phone. Laptop now is beginning to install the Bluetooth device. (Click Yes if you see a message on a mobile phone on allowing).

Now you hit on the Finish button. than Add Bluetooth Device Wizard dialog box is closed.

Bluetooth device (mobile phone) is now displayed in the Bluetooth Devices dialog. Select the Bluetooth device and click Properties.

Properties dialog box will appear for the device. Select the Services tab. Boxes for services you would like.

Finally, you can run things by phone. Transfer photos, videos, etc. via Bluetooth phone technology.

By this way we can setup a connection laptop to Bluetooth devices